Working with Adie was nearly effortless. She is a wonderfully knowledgeable and collaborative professional. I felt she was genuinely as excited as we were about getting married. She met her early call time, worked quickly, quietly, and even managed a few of my husband's (kinda demanding) curveball's with experience and grace. Our pictures were gorgeous!



We spent quite some time interviewing and inquiring different photography companies to shoot our engagement and wedding pictures for us. Adie was different from everyone else we met with. Why? Because we became friends first. Adie met with us at a local coffee shop. She got to know us as people before we even discussed her ethic in photography. We fell in love! People are still commenting on how unique, beautiful, and captivating our pictures are. Honestly, I felt that Adie and her assistants were at our wedding as friends, not as a vendor.


Adie exceeded our expectations of how great she would be to work with and how wonderful the final product would be. She has fantastic ideas and does a great job listening and understanding what's important to her brides. She works incredibly efficiently. Adie did a superb job giving us directions on posing and kept things moving. The pictures would have taken twice as long if she wasn't quick with directions and knowing what poses/shots/angles work best. Adie really captured the feeling and mood throughout the day. Our reception had poor lighting when the sun went down but our pictures were still awesome. Low light conditions are great testament to the skill of a photographer.

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My husband and I were blown away when we met Adie, the owner and our photographer. She is such an amazing and friendly person and was just absolutely wonderful to work with. She made us feel completely at ease and comfortable. She is not the type of photographer to make you pose, she prefers to capture people in a natural state and I believe this is wonderful for capturing wonderful moments between people when they feel relaxed and at ease. Adie truly is wonderful and has an amazing gift!


Adie's prompt responses and positive attitude conveyed via email show that she is a true professional. In person, she is one of the sweetest people I have met and you can tell she really wants you to feel great and look your best. 


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