Adie Gateley

Born and raised in a very nomadic family, I had early dreams of shooting for National Geographic someday, to experience more of the world and its people. While I never ended up working for them, my love for science (I have a biology degree), wonder and travel never left me. I am always eager to see the sunrise, the way the ocean meets the sand, and a starry winter sky. The natural elements of this world move me to be more in awe of God and His amazing creativity. Salt & Sky, celebrating 13 years of business, is dedicated to clients that love art, travel, and have a wanderlust like mine.

My joy comes from photographing weddings for people in love. My vision for every client is that I see them being themselves, classic, simple, and beautiful. I also believe in a simple, straightforward approach to booking a photographer. Complete sessions include a complimentary session before your wedding, a gorgeous wedding album, and beautifully edited high-resolution files. Simple and straightforward. Bring your ideas to the table and let’s work together for some beautiful photos.

P.S. If I had to pick a dream spot to shoot a wedding—I think it would be on the coast of Spain!


capturing joy since 2004

I am grateful for your interest. I would love to hear your details to dream up something great, together. Giving me as much info as possible will streamline our communication and ensure you’re well taken care of! Contact me today to work together!